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Theory Test Pro

When learning to drive with Eco Automatics we give you access to the Theory Test Pro app. This allows you to practice in any time of day in your spare time. It covers all aspects of the theory test including the Hazard perception test. All the questions are from the latest DVSA data bank and you can learn on line aswell as take mock tests. The app can be used on a desktop on when on the move through a phone or tablet. Check out Theory Test Pro app.

FREE Theory Test

If you have a broadband connection and would like to experience a simulation of the first part of the Theory Test please click on the icon to the right of the text to access a fully working multiple choice mock test with 50 official Theory Test questions.

FREE Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test is part of the UK Theory Test that is taken at the time as the multiple choice theory test. The test is intended to check a candidate’s ability to detect developing situations that require a motorist to take some action, such as changing speed or direction. To help you better understand how the Hazard Perception Test works take a look at these examples.

Theory Test Advice

A free resource for learner drivers, with help and advice on how to pass all aspects of the driving test.

Theory Test Booking Service

If you need to book your theory test this is the official site where you need to book your test. No additional fees.

When booking you need your:

  • UK driving license number
  • an email address - you have to book by phone if you don’t have one
  • credit or debit card

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