The Tuition Vehicle

Due to the high annual mileage I was covering in my driving tuition vehicle I realised this was creating a very large carbon footprint. With the very real environmental concerns at the moment I wanted to do my bit and attempt to have a lesser impact on our fragile planet. But how do you do that when you're driving 30,000 miles plus a year? Of course I had heard about the EV (Electric Vehicle) revolution going on but with all the negative stories I didn't think it would suit the learner driver industry. However, when I started to research the option of an EV, I found all the negatives I had heard about were either outdated or just myths. The EV industry is evolving rapidly, the more I researched the more I became interested in the possibilities.

After some time doing the research I decided to go electric and start reducing my carbon footprint to help the environment. I now have a VW e-Golf that is a BEV (battery electric vehicle). Unlike an ICE (internal combustion engine), car that uses Petroleum or Diesel or a Hybrid that has batteries but also uses a petrol engine the e-Golf is 100% electric. This means the e-Golf uses no fossil fuels and produces zero emissions. Of course the vehicle has to be charged, and many will point out electricity comes through burning fossil fuel, this is true but is changing rapidly. In the UK far more energy is produced now from renewables and nuclear than is produced from fossil fuels and that difference is growing by the month. Currently electricity, once generated, cannot be stored so the national grid has to be ready to meet demand 24/7. This means electricity is being generated day and night, with much of the night time energy not being used. By charging at night I am using energy that would otherwise go to waste which is definitely eco-friendly.

The benefit to people learning to drive in this tuition vehicle is it's Zero emissions. Whilst you learn to drive with me you won't be polluting the streets of Exeter. The car's electric motor creates an incredibly smooth and quiet ride. All my learner drivers remark on how smooth and easy to drive it is. One once said "it's like a magic carpet, so smooth and quiet".

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