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My name is Mike Amor, my driving school, Eco Automatics covers Exeter and surrounding areas. I am a DVSA and Pass Plus registered Instructor.

Previously I had a long and varied career in the British Army, much of my 30-year career was involved in the training of others. I trained soldiers in the safe and effective use of weapons, the use of communications equipment and driving and maintenance of Armoured vehicles. I am licensed to drive motorcycles, cars, the largest HGV and coaches. I have driven all these types of vehicles both in the military, and commercially.

After leaving the Army I decided I would put my training and driving experience to good use and help others to become confident, safe and considerate drivers for life and not just for test. I am aware that those new to driving can be nervous, anxious and apprehensive. Having been in the Army for 30 years and served all over the world, from time to time I have been in some sticky situations where a calm attitude and manner are vital. I like to think I remain calm under pressure.

I realised my driving knowledge and training experience could be useful to others, so I trained to become a DVSA registered driving instructor in Exeter. All my training was done through The AA. After training and qualifying with the AA I took on a franchise with them. After working with the AA for some time I decided I preffered to work for myself and have started operating independently. I teach people primarily to drive automatics but I also have a manual tuition car and can provide manual lessons if required.

There is no doubt those that are able to practice with friends or family gain valuable experience which can reduce the number of professional lessons required overall, saving you money. Many people however do not have access to a vehicle they can practice with and therefore will have to rely on a good instructor and mentor to help them attain their full licence. If you choose me as your instructor I will always be honest with you regarding your progress and believe we should work together to make sure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to be properly prepared for your driving test. I want my pupils to not just pass a test but to become competent and confident drivers for life. My chosen training vehicle, the VW e-Golf, is extremely suitable for learner drivers. The vehicle has excellent all-round visibility, it is not too big, has a great turning circle but best of all it's electric. Now you can learn to drive with Eco Automatics and be safe in the knowledge you are not harming the environment.

If you require more information about learning to drive in the Exeter area please contact me using the Contact Page

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